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Unscented Soy Tea Light Candles

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Are you looking for an Eco-friendly, healthier alternative to paraffin tea lights? Then you are in the right place! Our soy tea lights are handmade with 100% GMO-free soy wax, a pure cotton wick, and a flame retardant clear tea light cup that allows the beautiful glow of the flame to shine through. Not only do our soy tea lights burn cleaner than paraffin tea lights, they also last longer than the average paraffin tea light candle! You can expect a burn time of between 7-8 hours for each of our soy tea light candles. Your soy tea lights will also come packaged in a 100% recycled gift bag for easy use and storage!


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  • I ordered these from you before. Very happy with them. I like to decrease the environmental footprint even more. After I burn the candles, is there a way for you to reuse the containers?

    There isn't, however we are working on a cup less tealight that can be burned in reusable glass holders.

  • what country/countries do you source your soy wax from?

    The soy wax comes from a US company that utilizes US grown soybeans.

  • Also, I see this item posted on Amazon but a burn time of up to 5 hours. Here says 8 hours. Just wanted to know which one?

    5 hours is the more conservative burn time. Depending on the ambient temperature and humidity when we have done test burns, they can burn between 5-8 hours each.

  • Is this item made in USA?

    Yes, they are made in Oregon.

  • Is each tea light inside a plastic container?

    Yes, each tealight is in its own polycarbonate container.

Diameter: 1.5"

Height: .75"

Size: .5 oz each

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