Pink Carnation, Soy Melt Cubes, 2-Pack

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How Long Will They Last?
Our soy melt cubes will release fragrance for approximately 45-50 hours per bar.

Fragrance Description
Pink carnations always remind me of springtime, with a spicy floral aroma similar to a rose.

About our Soy Melt Cubes
Our soy melt cubes are made with US grown, GMO free pure soy wax, and a blend of essential oils and fragrance oils.  We pride ourselves in using fragrance oils that are phthalate free, and are made with high quality plant extracts.  Soy melt cubes are meant to be used in an oil warmer or a warmer made for wax cubes.  These are typically powered electrically with a light bulb, or by burning a tea light candle.  Simply place 1-2 melt cubes in the top of the warmer, and let them fill your home with fragrance.  These are great if you want to have all the fragrance without the flame!

Hand Crafted in the Pacific NW - Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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Spicy Surprise

I was a little skeptical when I ordered this tart, I have never been overly fond of carnations. When I received it and took a whiff of it in the package, I didn't think I was going to enjoy it. Once I put it in the warmer, my skepticism turned to happy surprise. It is a complex scent that I think some might not enjoy but I did and I will buy more in the future. Thanks for challenging my notions about fragrances!

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