Hickory Smoked Bacon, 12oz Candle Jar
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Hickory Smoked Bacon, 12oz Candle Jar

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Burn Time
Our 12 oz candle jar will burn for up to 60 hours of crackling aroma goodness.

Fragrance Description
Do you enjoy the aroma of delicious Hickory Smoked Bacon as it sizzles away in a hot frying pan? Then this candle is for you! You might be wondering why we would make a Hickory Smoked Bacon candle? The answer to that question is... Why Not! This candle smells just like the real deal!

About our 12 oz Natural Wax Candles
Our natural wax candles will fill your home with fragrance. Each of our 12 oz  candles are made with a natural wax, free of petrochemicals or paraffin of any kind, and a unique hybrid cotton wick. They are poured in a beautiful glass jar which is topped with a black lid. These jars are made of thick glass which are very durable for shipping.

Hand Crafted in the Pacific NW - Made in the USA


Ask a Question
  • How good on a 1-10 scale is your hickory smoked bacon candle smell does it make you want to eat bacon when it’s burning

    It's definitely a love it or hate it scent! Some people say it smells just like bacon while others have compared it more to a bacon bits type scent.

Length: 3 3/8"

Width: 3 3/8"

Height: 4 3/8"

Size: 12 oz

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