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     Last year I had a special request from one of our wholesale customers, for a heart shaped candle for Valentines Day. Originally, the thought was to have a heart shaped tin, or glass jar to pour the candle into, but that idea didn't really appeal to me. Drawing from past experiences, I knew there would be problems with inconsistent burning in the odd shaped heart containers, and that's the last thing I wanted... After researching for what seemed like ages, and coming up with nothing appealing, I put the idea to bed for awhile.  

     Then January rolled around, and I realized I had to do something because my customer still wanted a heart shaped candle, and V Day was right around the corner. Somehow in my research, I remembered a couple years back when I dabbled with applying wax cutouts to the sides of a container before filling the container with scented wax. At the time, I had attempted to make a sort of flag candle with stars applied to the sides of the jar and layers of red white and blue wax, but for some reason I hadn't thought of the other potential applications...

Heart Silhouette Soy Candle
Applications such as this beautiful heart candle! 

I'm not sure what we're going to call this type of candle yet, but I'm leaning toward Silhouette Candles. The heart is the only shape thus far, and it went over very well with our wholesale customer, who was very pleased and had us stock all of their stores for Valentines Day and beyond, as they decided this would be a nice candle to have year round. That customer is Roth's Fresh Markets by the way, so if you are in the Salem, OR area, be sure to check these out.

I love the way these candles turned out, and I can't wait to make more designs for different holidays, seasons, and moods. There are so many possibilities that I am having trouble deciding where to start. I'm thinking that I will try my hand at an Easter bunny next, and maybe a colorful Easter egg? I will try to have these up on the website in the next couple of days, so keep your eyes peeled!

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