Home Sweet Home

In the Workshop

    I am excited to be back into the swing of things, and I feel that I sort of owe at least a small explanation for where I've been for the past year.  Admittedly, in 2015 I was terrible about posting to the Candeo Candle Soy Candle News Blog, and I feel awful about it.  It wasn't just the blog of course, a lot of things got put on hold last year, including the Vancouver Farmers Market, which we stopped attending mid season.  

     I assure you that I'm still alive and kicking, and we are busier than ever! The thing is, this time last year... I was expecting a baby!  And, between making candles, supporting our growing Amazon presence, filling orders, making wholesale deliveries, etc... I spent much of my time last year waddling, while trying to work at my usual breakneck pace and fighting with an ever expanding tummy.   

     As I grew in size over the course of the year, I found it very difficult to setup and breakdown the farmers market by myself, so we decided I should just take the rest of the farmers market season off, and instead focus on maintaining what I could from home, which wasn't the blog for some reason??  Anyway, fast forward to now, and our new little boy is 6 months old!

 I'm really excited to move forward in 2016 with all the amazing ideas I have been waiting to put into action.  I think I'll kick things off with this picture of my handsome boys...

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