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Spring like weather means Lilac Soy Candles

Spring like weather means Lilac Soy Candles - Candeo Candle

Working on campfire smoke wood wick candles

     This morning as I was working in the workshop labeling and preparing some Campfire Smoke Wood Wick candles for Amazon, I realized that for the first time in what seems like a long time, I have been able to open the back door of my workshop to enjoy the Spring like weather. It could have been the blustery nature of the morning that made me think of it. After all, I was continually reminded that the door was open by the constant fluttering and flying of loose labels and papers trying to make their escape from the confines of the workshop. 

Lilac buds in early spring

     It got me to thinking of how excited I am for Spring to arrive. I love this time of year when mother nature wakes up from her slumber and everything feels fresh and new. I walk around my garden looking for the tips of tulip buds peeking through the ground, and other signs of life.  My potted Dwarf Lilac plant for example, which has sent out new green leaves and tiny little Lilac buds. Lilac is definitely one of my favorite scents, and I can't wait to smell the fresh blooms.  Until then, I can at least pretend Spring is already here by burning some of my favorite candle scents for Spring. 

Old-Fashioned Lilac Soy Candle and Butterfly Bush Soy Melt Cubes

      When I think of Spring, Lilac is definitely one of the first scents that comes to mind. If you enjoy the fragrant aroma of a Lilac Blossom, then you will love both of these scents! Old-Fashioned Lilac is a more traditional Lilac scent, very strong and true to the flower. While Butterfly Bush is a slightly sweeter scent, with notes of fresh spring grass. At the moment, Butterfly Bush is one of my personal favorites, but Old-Fashioned Lilac is beautiful as well, and both scents will definitely help to satisfy your longing for Spring!

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