Candeo Candles Meets Washington State District 49 Senator Annette Cleveland!

 Senator Annette Cleveland and Caitlin Marsters

Imagine my surprise yesterday when I answer the phone and hear, "This is Senator Annette Cleveland's office calling..." 

After getting past my initial nervousness I talked to Annette's secretary Allison, and learned that Senator Cleveland was interested in purchasing some of our 4oz soy candle tins to give as gifts for an event that she had coming up.  Allison set up an appointment for the Senator and I to meet at a local coffee shop the next day, and after some preparation and excitement on my part I was ready to meet Senator Cleveland.

I arrived about ten minutes early, got my mocha and sat down.  Senator Cleveland arrived a few minutes after I sat down, got herself a coffee, and after a brief introduction, we got down to business.  After showing Senator Cleveland some samples of my candles, and talking for a bit, I learned that after winning the election in November, and taking office in January, she has to give her first big acceptance speech since taking office.  At these speeches, It is a tradition to give gifts to your fellow senators and politicians in other districts, and the gifts you give are traditionally from your own district.  In her case, she said she really wanted to give gifts that were handmade as well, and that is where our candles came in.  Needless to say I was very excited to learn about what she was going to be using the candles for!

Overall my meeting with Senator Annette Cleveland went very well.  After talking with her for 40 minutes about our families and lives  I can say for certain that she seems like a genuinely caring, down to earth person who is passionate about what she does, and I wish her the best of luck in her Senatorial career.

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