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Easter Bunny Soy Tea Light Candle Holder DIY Project

Easter Bunny Soy Tea Light Candle Holder DIY Project - Candeo Candle

If you're looking for a great way to upcycle your used 9oz soy candle jars, you have come to the right place!

I might not be the most talented crafter, but I certainly enjoy creating things! There is something so satisfying about the whole process, especially when you are turning something old and used up into something new. For this weeks project, I used Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface glitter paint to create these beautiful, sparkling Easter bunny soy tea light holders.

To make these candle holders you will need...

  • Used 9oz soy candle jars, or jars of your choice
  • Martha Stewart Crafts multi-surface glitter paint in Sugar Plum and Wintermint
  • LOCTITE Spray Adhesive Lightweight, or other temporary adhesive
  • Metallic Paint or Paint Pen in Silver
  • Bunny Outline Printout
  • 1/4" wide ribbon
  • Foam Brush
  • Scissors
Ignore the tape, I ended up not needing it...

Next, you need to carefully cut out your bunny pictures, then apply the spray adhesive to the back of the bunnies. Take care to not spray yourself or others as this stuff it sticky!

Also make sure you spray it in a well ventilated area as the fumes can be quite strong.

Once you have coated the back of the bunnies with adhesive spray, you want to wait about 10 seconds to let the adhesive start to setup.  Then you can stick your paper bunnies on their respective jars in whatever position you want them. Make sure that the bunnies are securely attached to the jars so the outline are as crisp as possible.
Now we can start applying the paint!

Using the sponge brush, dab the paint all over the outside of your jars as evenly as possible. I tried both dabbing and brushing the paint on, and in the end felt that dabbing dispersed the glitter more evenly. It also puts the paint on a bit thicker so you can get away with doing fewer coats.

It takes anywhere from 40-60 minutes for the paint to dry. You'll be able to tell because it will change from being opaque to looking like more of a transparent tint.


Once the first coat is dry, you can apply a second coat.  I ended up applying three coats of paint in all, but you can apply as many coats as you think they need until it looks right to you.
After all of this painting and waiting and painting and waiting, it's time to remove the bunnies. Very slowly and carefully, peel the bunny cutouts off of the jars. If you go too quickly, you will take some of the paint off with the cutout. Ask me how I know this?
At this point you should have something that looks like this...

I got excited a bit prematurely, and just had to test them out with tea lights. You can see they are already looking pretty good, but the bunnies are a bit hard to see.  This is where the silver metallic paint comes in to outline the bunnies. I used what I had on hand, which was some silver metallic acrylic paint and a paint brush, but if I did these again, I would definitely use a silver metallic paint pen for a crisper outline. Once you have outlined the bunnies in metallic paint, you can tie ribbon around the top of the containers and make cute little bows, and your all done!

Now it's time to add some soy tea lights and enjoy the sparkling shimmery glow!


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Charles Kemp

Charles Kemp

I really like these different candle holders you made. I think my girlfriend is hoping to do something similar to this because she just got a lot of tea light candle holders and a ton of candles. She is all about the different holidays and likes to give something to every friend she has. This easter she is doing the candles.

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