Campfire Smoke, 12oz Candle Jar

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Burn Time
Our 12 oz candle jar will burn for up to 60 hours of crackling aroma goodness.

Fragrance Description
Campfire Smoke smells just like the real thing. One whiff will take you back to childhood memories of camping trips and roasting marshmallows over an open fire.

About our Wood Wick Natural Wax Candles
Our natural wax candles will fill your home with fragrance. Each of our 12 oz  candles are made with a natural wax, free of petrochemicals or paraffin of any kind, and a unique hybrid cotton wick. They are poured in a beautiful glass jar which is topped with a black lid. These jars are made of thick glass which are very durable for shipping.

Hand Crafted in the Pacific NW - Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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edie scher
Love the candle

Campfire Smoke is real, comforting, and a part of every winter day

Memories forever cherished...

This candle was given to me as a Christmas gift for 2019. I personally loved the gift more then anything ever! Because while it was given to me by a close friend.
Someone that I cherish more then myself. She was visiting, and the day before she went home up north, we camped, the fire was the most memorable thing about the trip. Her beautiful smile in the fire, the look in her eyes while she held her son. I knew I loved her for a long time, but that moment was one I'll not soon forget.

I still remember the smell of the fire, and the atmosphere that we had on that night in that moment... She sent me this candle, and I was IMMEDIATELY taken back to that moment again, it was like the room was transformed into that moment...

*Actual Review*
I never knew these candles existed, and they are wonderful. The 8oz candle I was gifted lasted longer then 45 hrs with Constant burning day in and out. VERY worthy product, and I would recommend to any and everyone to try these candles, this scent specifically was worth the money!!!

Shipping from what I gathered was early by a day or two, so even better!

Randolph Nilsen

Perfect for memories around a fireplace or campfire.

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