Campfire Smoke, Soy Candle in Enamel Camping Mug, 10oz

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Burn Time
Our New Enamel Camping Mug Candle will burn for up to 45 Hours.

Fragrance Description
You have to smell Campfire Smoke to believe it, it smells just like real campfire smoke!

About our 10 oz Enamel Camping Mug
Our enamel camping mug candles are poured with GSI enamelware mugs. These mugs are made with heavy gauge steel, and kiln fired at 1400 F to ensure that they are durable and chip resistant, with the classic speckled enamel finish that campers everywhere know and love! When you are done burning your candle, the mug can easily be washed with soap and water, and used to serve your favorite beverage! Each mug is filled with 10 oz of our soy beeswax blend which is made with US grown soy wax, and unbleached yellow beeswax, a unique hybrid cotton wick system, and a blend of essential and fragrance oils. Our fragrance oils are phthalate free, and are made with plant extracts.

Hand Crafted in the Pacific NW - Made in the USA

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Customer Reviews

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Really Like The Campfire Mug Candle

Very Nice. The candles came nicely packed in a box with lots of padding. The candles themselves were packaged separately in individual boxes, so absolutely no damage. Really like the extra time it took to ship them properly.

Now to the candles, the coffee mugs the candles are in are out of enameled metal, nice blue color and seem to be of high quality, solid, nothing cheap about these. I can really see a lot of use out of them once the candles are finished. The wick is out of wood and provides a quiet popping or crackling sound as the candle burns down. I am really quite pleased with the scent, it is a true campfire scent, does not smell fake. The candle is burning in a standard size bedroom and scent is carrying throughout the upstairs to the other 2 bedrooms. Not over powering but very pleasant. We will definitely buy again.

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